Head of Gastro-enterology & liver department of Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital.
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Welcome to my website. I am Brig. (R) Dr.Muhammad Iqbal, head of Gastro-enterology & liver diseases department of Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital. I retired as chief of Gastroenterology Armed Forces of Pakistan.There, I had a unique opportunity of not only managing complicated patients of Gastric and liver diseases but I got chance to train so many young gastroenterologists.

Pakistan like any other developing country faces peculiar circumstances in management of health issues.Here, the cost of treatment is to be born directly by the individual and not by insurance companies like in the west and other developed counties. As Professor of Medicine at various medical colleges, I always taught what I practice myself to be very careful of not writing unnecessary tests. As a doctor working in Pakistani society, one has to respect the local traditions and one has to make sure to apply the knowledge and experience gained abroad with blend of eastern humility. Quaid-e-Azam International hospital is most modern hospital of our country. Here, I enjoy to head a department which is equipped with most modern machinery. I believe a dedicated service to the patient so I restrict the number of patients which I see daily. The idea is to let every patient feel that he or she has received total attention.

For urgent or busy patients,I will be extending consultation on Skype (Skype ID ;Spark689)


  • I graduated from King Edward medical college Lahore and obtained M.B.B.S from there
  • I spent the foundation year at Mayo Hospital Lahore
  • I received my specialist training at N.Wales,U.K
  • I was awarded MRCP from Royal College of Physicians UK
  • I was awarded Fellowship of Royal College of Edinburgh in medicine and Gastroenterology


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